Mr. Atishek Kumar

Founder, Help 4 Special

Help 4 Special started with a mission to make world a better place to mankind.

Everyday millions of people with special need struggle to strive amongst common people to live independently. We are here to change it globally, we are here to make them one of us.

This starts with helping them find the best doctors, schools, professionals, special educators, therapists. This is a platform developed to gather everyone at single place irrespective of the stream or types of disability.

We will always strive to take world towards betterment for such people. To be the best in the world whatever it is we do. This is an initiative and way to give back to the society where we lived, learnt and grew. This is not for the recognitions or rewards but because this is what we expect from ourselves.

The mission and vision on which we stand, drives us towards it to achieve.

Mr. Puneet Kumar

Founder Member, Help 4 Special

We as a team are dedicated towards the betterment of the specially abled.

I along with my team have come together to bring this initiative "Help 4 Special" to a stance where the people who wants to help and the masses for whom the platform has been built both are benefitted.

We invite people with similar mindsets and vision to come onboard and be a part of this initiative.