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Help 4 Special started with a mission to make world a better place to mankind.

Help 4 Special portal is an enhanced tool which will help the professionals connect with the disadvantaged. The tool focuses on providing extensive support to the specially abled by giving them flexibility to search schools and professionals in respective locations. And in the professional space it will help by creating more job opportunities and extending their reach.

Search Professionals :

This space is an accessibility tool for the parents in need who are unable to reach our therapy centres or schools for development and training. India has around 400 million internet users and we expect great penetration through this channel.
How it will help: One can look for special educators, development trainers at nearby locations. With this tool our focus is to cover Pan-India through this initiative which will help the unreached immensely.

Search Organizations :

Parents and professionals can easily search for school in their area and can even read & get all the relevant information about that school so that they can easily take the admission for their children's in that school.

Search Jobs :

User can see all the available vacancies in any school & even can apply according to their distance convenience.

Join Professionals:

This space is an accessibility tool for professionals who are willing to join us in the run to revolutionize special education & development training for specially abled children.
How it will help: Parents in need will be able to search special educators and therapists at the desired location. Our effort is to cover Pan-India through this initiative which will help the unreached immensely and create job opportunities

Join Organization:

After simple registration all the users can get automatic update which will results in really good promotion of their school so that parents can search for schools in their area easily & can further join them.

Post a Job:

Post a job in easy steps and start receiving applications as per your requirement. Our intelligent filter technology will help you to get the best professionals.

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