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Parenting Vs Happiness

Are you really happy? how many of you felt happy when become parent everybody has a dream  to marry and become a parent but how many of you are ready to get the quality of parenting ??parenting is not all about giving birth a child . What I feel as a psychologist somehow I feel they all are very  confused.  What we need in this in this era we should  focus on  independence so redundancy becomes the aim parents why we r  more and more children conscious.

Let them blossom by own every children are different  skills ,different intelligence why we try to fit same clothes and same taste to all.

No child is perfect either this and mind important set our expectations but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't work towards that goal what we can do is high standard for our self first children second don't forget you as a parent as a role model for them.

don't do such things which you don't expect to do by your children.

You teach them not to tell lie but when someone came to you ,you send your children for message you are not at home you are teaching them tell lie indirectly.

Whenever you are going somewhere with you you should be very careful you are sitting in the car and crossing traffic light ,you crossed the red light because getting late and teaching them to cross red light you can understand what I mean.you are teaching your children to do the same.

Moral of the story is that don't do such things which you  don't expect to do by your children don't just tell your child what you want them to do show them as you know doing is learning.  Human is a special species, path because we can learn buy imitation we are programmed copy others to understand them incorporate them children particular watch everything and observed the parents.Whenever courier postman or Vegetable man came  and in you  fit of anger you talk to them badly . unknowingly my dear friend you teach them how to talk rudely who is not following your status.

Show them positive attitude and  empathy  be friendly but don't become a friend .

There is no such thing loving your child too much loving them but your love would be disciplined and with guidance.

Let your child know that you will always be there by being responsive sensitive and always for the needs support them but make them dependent children raised by parents who are save tend to have better emotional development development and mental health outcomes.

Are not raised by parents they are raised so called caregivers maids and Granny how you expect your children to be like you behave like you when you are not sitting and not spending time with them.be with them .spend time ,know them.

I Nishi as a parenting coach can better understand your mentality and process by which you are implementing these days are really not worth .I got several cases of negligence of parenting by which only children r sufferer.

Wake up dear parents ,become a parent is very easy but parenting is too tough. Dear readers you only get  those things you deserve your hard work as a parent.

The most common character of parenting is loving nature beating his mother or father our boat or we can see older siblings I step bad and patent legal guardian and uncle or any other family member family friend too they all become a great support but the child .

Parenting skills:

Involved parenting

This is what kind of parenting their parents are involved in each and every activity of the child in this inside of air about each and every activity so because of this child sometimes feel dependent on very much and this kind of parenting is there confidence nowadays the Youngblood and a child very much game of server Dino teaching everything and because of inquisitive nature and teen of salad didn't want this much involvement of Peyton's so its not successful these days 

we can see that's kind of parenting heavy as a parent neglect something emotionally or physically Chad. Have litter dunno expectation of the child regularly have no communication.

Blog by: Nishi Mishra || CRR No: A44092

Profession: Special Educator

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    • Posted Date: Mar 27, 2020


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