“True transformations only come from sustainable strategies “  (Hillary Clinton)

In the previous blog, we have discussed broadly on self-regulation. There are some fun activities and strategies which are supportive of children who are lacking in self-regulation parent should understand the triggers by which they can overcome by performing simple tasks in day to day life.  working on self-regulation skills doesn’t just happen overnight. Especially for those who struggle with them, these abilities must be working on and improved over time.

Let’s go!

  • provide verbal or physical cues to help children to self regulate their emotions such as “let’s stay calm” or allowing a child to go to a quiet area to relax.
  • Setting age-appropriate limits help a child know what is expected of him. Even when the child balks at the limits set it is important to hold firm. If this does not happen your child will learn to constantly keep pushing the limits to get what they want. They need to learn to handle that frustration of not always getting their way.
  • Find ways to say yes rather than no. For example, “You can bang this pot with a spoon” instead of “Don’t bang on the glass table.”
  •  For infants: Look for overstimulation cues such as turning away or arching the back; when they occur, give your baby a break and reduce the amount of stimulation.
  • Be involved. Anticipate inappropriate behavior and re-direct it.

“All kid needs a little help, a little hope , a little understanding lots of cooperation and  someone who believes in them “

There are some fun games which I suggest parents can play in this lockdown with their children for not only self-regulation but building relationship and gross involvement of children working on their  sensory needs :

Balloon bang

Come let’s discuss rules!

All you need for this fun game are different colors of balloons and introduce them in which color belongs to you which color belongs to them and open space ( empty room). Use multicolored balloons. Call out the “off-limits color” and no one should tap any balloon of that color. Then switch colors! Children will have to listen for the auditory cue and inhibit impulses when the off-limits color comes closeby. Arrange yourself, your child, and family members in a circle and assign alternating to 2 teams (one person is team 1, the next person is team 2, the next person is team 1, and so forth).

 Fill the circle with balloons. Call “Team 1!” The only member on team 1 should tap the balloons and the other team member says the color of ballon for banging.

Switch to Team 2, and the only member on Team 2 should tap the balloons. Continue switching on a 20-30 second interval. The children will really have to listen for the auditory cue and management of teamwork with the identification of colors to signify that it’s their team’s turn to tap and inhibit impulses when the off-limits color comes closeby.

Peek a boo!

Can kids wait quietly in their hiding spots while their friends try to find them make the proper zones to hide and tell your child where he can hide and make a noise a( simple clap) so that you and your child can search you easily? This activity helps him to adapt to the environment and make him more flexible.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Designate one child as the “leader” and place the children so that they are facing each other.  The leader positions her body and asks the other child to mimic that position.  For instance, the leader may put one hand on their head and one hand on their belly. Make position changes rapidly, maybe using a timer set at 30-second intervals to challenge the partner to act quickly and challenging the leader to respond to the timer to change.


The slow, controlled movements needed for Jenga are great for practicing self-control! Move too fast the tower will topple. Forget to pay attention to balance and the tower will come crashing down!  Start with simple commands to pull one block simultaneously increase your commands children will have to slow down and focus on the task to play.

Freeze Dance

No materials needed for this game! In an open space, play music. Children will dance while the music plays, and when the music stops, students will freeze!  Give him a command initially to understand after stopping the music the child has to stop If you want to add a layer of difficulty, freeze them strike a yoga pose.

Use visuals as reminders

Visual supports can be extremely helpful reminders to students about routines and activities in the home as well as in school

Red Light Green Light

This is another game that doesn’t require any materials! Children and family members stand on one side of the space. The leader stands on the other side of the space. When the leader says, “Greenlight,” other team members may begin moving forward toward the counseling. When the leader says, “Red light,” others must freezeTell the rules of red and green light at the beginning of the game by showing the colors. Add a level of difficulty by changing the required movements – children could hop, crab walk, or bear crawl on a green light.

APP For Self Regulation

Here is a nice FREE app for little ones who needs some guidance with self-regulation and motor planning. I am attaching the link to the app you can download.

 It is called Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame Street.

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